Is all your food organic?

We buy our meat from a local farm http://www.pasturerearedgrassfed.com/who, whilst they don’t have official organic status, raise their animals in an ethical and organic way.  We source all our other ingredients from organic suppliers.  We will only use non-organic ingredients on the rare occasions there is no availability of an organic product needed to fulfil our orders.

Are your dishes all gluten free?

All our dishes are made using gluten free ingredients aside from pies where there is a choice of gluten free or non-gluten free.  Our meals are popular with everyone whether they are gluten intolerant or not.

Do you use additives and preservatives in your dishes?

We don’t use any additives and preservatives in the main ingredients for our dishes.  However, we do use some everyday ingredients that may contain them in their sub-ingredients e.g. stock.

Do your meals need to be defrosted before they are cooked?

It varies depending on the dish so please check the cooking instructions on the label.

Do I need to be in to take delivery of my food?

We want you to get them into your freezer to maintain them at their best until you are ready to enjoy them so it will be necessary for somebody to take delivery of the order.

Do your main dishes come with side dishes?

Because everyone has such a wide choice and taste in vegetables etc. we believe our customers should have the flexibility of adding whatever they want to the main dishes we provide. We take the hard work out of cooking the main part of your meal and you add whatever takes your fancy to go with it!

Are all your dishes delivered frozen?


How long will my dishes last in the freezer?

We have a best before date of 3 months from the date of production.

Do your dishes contain allergens and how do you deal with these when preparing food?

Some of our dishes do contain allergens but nothing contains nuts, although we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment in the kitchen.  All allergens are clearly detailed on the product label and on our website.  We thoroughly clean all utensils, equipment and preparation surfaces between dish preparation to avoid cross-contamination.

Can I reheat dishes in the containers you provide them in?

Yes although the containers for main dishes and pies cannot be put in the microwave.

Can I reheat dishes in the microwave?

We recommend that all our main dishes and pies are reheated in the oven but can be reheated in the microwave.   If you want to microwave reheat then they will need to be removed from their containers and placed in a microwavable container.  Soup can be reheated in the microwave in the container it comes in.

Can I recycle the containers the dishes are provided in?

We have made every effort to use packaging that is fully recyclable and encourage all our customers to dispose of our containers responsibly.

What sizes do your dishes come in?

Our meals come in 3 different sizes – individual, small (for those with smaller appetites) and family size (for 4-6 people).

Our pies come in 2 different sizes – individual and family size (for 4-6 people).

Our soups come in one individual carton size only about 330ml.

Is there a minimum order value?

There is no minimum order value if you want to collect your food from us.  However, our minimum order value is £10 if you would like your order delivered.

How can I order my food?

You can order online and pay via PayPal or you can call us to order and make a card payment over the phone.

Can I edit my order?

If you would like to amend your order please email or call us and we will do our best to accommodate your changes.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel up until the day before delivery or collection by phoning us on 07587 846736.

Why do you only deliver to certain areas?

Our aim is to serve our local community (up to 10 mile radius from Aylesford) providing home-cooked nutritional food.  We are however happy to accommodate people outside the delivery areas who are willing to come and collect their orders.

How long is delivery from when I place my order?

Once you have placed your order we will contact you to arrange delivery/collection at a mutually convenient time.  This is usually within a few days of the order being received.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes.  We are very happy to receive bulk orders and in fact many of our customers stock up their freezers so they never run out of tasty meals.

Is your food only available to buy online?

We are currently also selling food at Tonbridge Farmers Market on the second Sunday of each month and Aylesford Farmers Market on the third Sunday of each month, where tasters are available to try of each dish. Come and see us there if you would like to try before you buy.